Steven Covey says this: First things first.

I says this: I WANT to put First things first. How can I put First things first and still enjoy my life?

Are you curious to know who I am? Of course you are.  My name is DeAnne. I am a fit woman living in Atlanta, GA, day in and day out.  My friends describe me as funny, physically fit, genuine and passionate.  I am a happy person. I feel fortunate. Yet…I am searching for…MORE.

I want more balance, more free-time, more inspiration, more money, more health, more energy, more freedom, more organization, more passive income, more self-reliance, more goal-setting and more accomplishing of said goals.

Like I said. I just want…More.

That is why I created DWellness Project. I look forward to telling you how I achieved More.


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