images-8Too many people lead frantic, rushed, and over-scheduled lives in our 24/7 world, and it is only getting worse. I’m not immune to this frantic pace.  This month’s Dwellness Project is learning how to handle everything that happens after 7 a.m. by nurturing our source of strength before 7 a.m. That source of strength is our mind.

Now, what do I mean exactly by entering our day slowly? There are three essential elements that are required. If we practice these three essential steps, we will be armed to handle anything the day may throw at us.

First, we need to arise at least one hour prior to when we need to begin getting ready for the day. I don’t mean one hour before we need to leave for work…I mean a solid one hour before we even begin our daily habits of ‘getting ready.’

Second, if at all possible, this must be ‘alone time.’ This time is critical for us to be able to recharge our batteries and effectively listen to our ‘inner stirrings.’ This time will reap huge dividends during the other waking hours of the day, not only from the standpoint of personal effectiveness, but in our ability to relate to and serve other people and navigate stressful or confrontational situations.

Third, and finally, at least a portion of this time must be devoted to quiet meditation or reflection. Depending on our unique personality and belifs, this can take many forms: prayer, meditation, writing in a journal, taking a walk as the sun comes up, or just sitting in silence. Do this upon waking. Why is this so important? It sets the tone for the day by quieting and focusing my mind.

Try it for yourself. You will be astonished at the difference this makes.

To Your Wellness!


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