Have you been thinking wistfully about a healthier lifestyle? It’s a well-documented fact that we all carry around a lot of pollutants in our bodies. The average person’s blood and urine contain measurable levels of numerous chemical contaminants including the endocrine-disrupting chemical bisphenol-A (BPA), flame retardants and other industrial chemicals. You can read detailed reports on human exposure to environmental chemicals from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (

Let’s follow these nine down-to-earth strategies to support our natural detoxification systems for the month of June:

1. Eliminate processed foods, refined sugar, and simple carbohydrates from your diet as much as possible.

2. Eat organic vegetables, fruits and whole grains, and hormone-free meat, eggs and dairy products.

3. Limit alcohol consumption and eliminate smoking.

4. Manage medications, supplements and over-the-counter drugs by talking with our health-care practitioner.

5. Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight.

6. Use natural body-care products and household cleaners.

7. Remove shoes when entering our home to avoid tracking in pesticides and other chemicals.

8. Consider a water filter to limit potential contaminants.

9. Consider supporting your liver and kidneys with a supplement.

Do you have any additional strategies you’d like to add for this project? Do share, please…

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