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Eating well does not happen by accident. It takes a little preparation to set ourselves up for success.  All of our good intentions can fly out the window when we come home hungry and open the fridge.  Our brain and body want food NOW, so we reach for the fastest-to-prepare and most sugar laden food we have in the kitchen.

Kitchen Makeover Action Steps:

Let’s remove all the temptations out of the house for one week and see what happens. If I’ve got ‘bad’ food in my kitchen, I’ll likely eat it. When I keep good food in my home, I eat well. Our home should be a safe place to achieve our goals.

If you have junk in the house ‘for the kids’ start by making better choices for them. They eat what you keep in the house too! Your kids follow your lead, so set the best example possible.

START by getting ride of these things:

Soda & Juice

Sauces with high fructose corn syrup

Cakes & baked goods

High fat cheese

Frozen dinners

Regular sour cream

Ice cream

Deli meat (it’s filled with sodium, MSG, & Nitrates. Yuck!)

REPLACE them with:

Filtered Water & Green Tea

Salsa & Guacamole

Fresh vegetables

Fresh fruit



Lean cuts of meat (turkey, chicken)

Fresh fish

Eggs (pastured, if possible)


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