Since this is currently my #1 objection for people choosing to not join my 21 Day Fix Challenge, I’m giving it some love.

When it comes to creating healthy habits, nothing can derail my efforts faster than travel for work or vacation.  It seems impossible to stick to my healthy routine because its totally been hijacked!

Eating Healthy on the road definitely requires more planning, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Not planning ahead, constant eating out (after working/ vacationing all day with no food, so we’re starving by the time we eat), and not controlling portions is exactly how I got to the highest weight I’d ever been.

In order to prevent setbacks/ slidebacks in my progress, I plan ahead.  Check out these tips on how to stick to the 21 Day Fix while out of town:


21 Day Fix was created to be flexible. When Autumn Calabrese thought out this program, she did not expect the participants to eat in all the time. That is why 21 Day Fix has made provisions for eating out. If you go to page 70-71 of your Eating Plan, you will see that there is space dedicated to the topic of eating out. Copy these pages and tuck into your briefcase/ purse.

Bring some food items, containers and baggies with you, and use the containers (in the privacy of your room) to measure into baggies. Then, plan to carry a small cooler (with ice from the hotel) with you. If you have your own car, go ahead and pack the whole day’s worth, even though you will likely save some food to eat when you return to the hotel.

Don’t forget to bring bottled water or bring a water bottle. If you are flying you can easily save money by having a water bottle handy. Most airports have water bottle filling stations.


Ask your coach how to use BOD (Beachbody On Demand) to stream your 30 minute workouts right into your hotel room.

Or, bring your DVDs and play them in your laptop.

If you’re driving, bring weights with you. Substitute the resistance bands when you fly.

Always request a room on the first floor- when you explain that you’re doing so because you don’t want to disturb anyone when you work out in the morning, they are usually glad to accommodate!

General Meal Plan Ideas:

Shakeology smoothie for breakfast, salad with a protein and carb portion for lunch, fruit and nuts for snacks, and a lean protein, veggie, and carb for dinner.

Two hard-boiled eggs with fruit and a slice of whole grain toast for breakfast. Lunch is salad and protein. Have your Shakeology for a mid-afternoon snack. Dinner is protein, veggies and some type of carb.

Breakfast is plain yogurt with a cup of fresh fruit. Lunch is salad with seeds and lean protein. Shakeology for a mid-afternoon snack. Dinner is protein, veggies and carb.


Stay motivated and make sure you check in with your 21 Day Fix Challenge and Accountability group while you’re away.  We want to you stay focused and celebrate your victories while you kick some butt in your field!


Want more specific help achieving your health and fitness goals? Get in touch with me about joining my next Challenge group. They run every 21 days. My groups roll nutrition, fitness and motivation into one powerful experience. We have had wonderful results so far!

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