I’m checking in to see how you’re faring with our April Dwellness Project: learning how to handle everything that happens after 7 a.m. by nurturing our source of strength before 7 a.m.


√ Awake at least one hour prior to when you need to start getting ready for your day.

√ Make sure you have ‘alone time.’

√ Spend at least part of your ‘alone time’ in peaceful thought or reflection.


As long as you apply these three elements to entering your day slowly, you can customize the ideas to meet your own personal interests and habits.  For example, you might resolve to get up at 5:45 a.m. every day. Obviously, to do this and get the sleep you need, you need to be in bed by 10:00 p.m. the night before. When you arise, you might put the coffee on, while the house is filling with the sumptuous aroma of dark roast, spend the first 15 minutes in silent prayer, meditation, or peaceful reflection. Then, with a fresh and focused mind, spend the next hour doing whatever is enjoyable to you- remember this is your time. You might head out for a quick run or a early workout. When you return, you will not only feel refreshed and energized, but ready to take on the day- successfully.

The key is that ‘your time’ should, as much as possible, be full of low-stress activities that you enjoy and that leave your mind fresh and your spirit ready to embrace the day ahead.

To Your Wellness!



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