We all know that eating fresh fruits and vegetables are CRITICAL to a healthy and balanced diet.

Yet…all too often, we’re sitting down to eat cereal with milk, meat and potatoes, or a sandwich with processed lunch meat and cheese with a colorless slice of tomato on it.

Here’s the REAL Deal: DAIRY and MEAT are both ACIDIC in the body. Fruit & Vegetables are Alkaline. 

Since most of the foods we typically eat (as Americans) are acidic, i.e., milk, meat, breads, etc… our pH is chronically acidic.

The more acidic our blood, the more fatigued we get, the more our immune system lowers, and the more susceptible we are to developing colds, flu, and much more serious diseases.  

Our bodies spend all energy and time “fixing” the problem rather than spending its energy and time on “optimizing” our bodies.

Something you probably didn’t know:

Foods that you THINK are acidic to your body like grapefruit, oranges, and lemons actually have an alkalizing effect in your body.

So…even though they are acidic BEFORE you eat them, doesn’t mean they have that affect on your body.

So….this week, I Challenge YOU to eat a Veggie at EVERY meal.  (you can sub 1-2 veggies for a piece of fruit!)

You will find you have SO much more energy through the day- and who doesn’t need that!?

It’s not as easy as you may think, so having fresh cut up fruit and veggies in the fridge will keep you prepared!

***On a side note, you want to focus on eating your fruits earlier in the day because of the sugar content

Let me know if you are up for the challenge by leaving a comment below!

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