Cheat Meal

This week’s challenge is all about your CHEAT / TREAT meals.

It is unrealistic to think you can eat perfectly all the time. Moderation is the key to success.

I encourage you to shoot for the 90/10 Rule. Eat 90% of your meals clean and 10% as you please.

This way you get to have fun and enjoy life without feeling deprived but also stick to your healthy lifestyle.

Here’s how to figure out how many meals can be cheat/treat per week based on the 90/10 rule…

Let’s say you eat 5 meals a day (including snacks), 7 days a week. That is 35 meals per week. Multiply 35 by 10% and you get 3.5. That is how many meals you can eat as a cheat/treat. The other 90% is clean eating.

Sounds reasonable, right?!

You can plan your week in advance for the lunch meeting, girl’s or boy’s night out, and extras.

Eating healthy is NOT hard, it just takes a little planning. Plan yours for the week now.

Are you UP for the Challenge? Leave your commitment below!

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