No matter what your relationship status, this challenge will boost the love in your life.

Every February, we hear a lot about love and valentines and hearts and flowers and kisses. Depending on your relationship status – and your state of mind – this is either super-fun and exciting, or it’s a total downer.

Whether you’re happily coupled, happily single, or not-so-happily coupled or not-so-happily single, this week’s challenge is to discover the love in your life.  Snap these photos and post to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using tag #dwellnessphoto.

1. A selfie

2. A goal

3. This makes me smile

4. Entertainment

5. On my plate

6. Strength

7. Someone I love

In essence, I’m asking that you consider and share the myriad ways love exists in your life.

Happy February, everyone.

Wake Up With Determination. Go To Bed With Satisfaction.





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