4 offensive plays to eat clean during the Super BowlSuperbowl Sunday is upon us. How can we stay the ‘clean eating’ route when we’re going to Superbowl parties? Let’s plan our strategy, then execute the plan to keep our heads in the game and our eyes on the prize- staying aligned with our health & fitness goals.

First Down: Eat well during the day.

Skipping meals during the day to save up for a party is a definite penalty. Not eating during the day leads to overeating at night. Eating before the party keeps our hunger in check and allows grazing, not gorging, when faced with a table full of Superbowl yummies. When we know we’ve eaten healthy throughout the day, we’re less likely to throw in the towel at night.

Second down: Eat a meal before you go to the party.

Eating a healthy meal before going to party is insurance that we won’t end up eating too much of the wrong things. Also, moderation is important when faced with greasy and fried foods. We don’t want to completely bench our clean eating habits during the game, but if hunger strikes, let’s go ahead and eat. Approach the food with our weight loss goals in mind, and we will make the best choices. We want to walk away from the game feeling like a winner!

Third down: Limit or avoid alcohol.

Consuming alcohol while trying to watch your weight is like having a flag thrown on an 80-yard touchdown- fun at first but depressing after the fact. It is high in calories AND it affects your judgment on choosing foods that are lower in calories. Personally, I’m better off not drinking at all, but if you must drink, try to make smarter choices on the type of alcohol you drink.

  • Sparkling Water (8 oz.)- 0 Calories
  • Soda (12 oz.)- 157 Calories
  • Wine (4 oz.)- 80 Calories
  • Beer (12 oz.)- 146 Calories
  • Light Beer (12 oz.)- 100 Calories

Fourth down: Find a partner

Find an accountability partner/ group who are open to communicating (via text or FB chat) during the game. Instead of diving into a basket of chips & salsa, we reach out with complete & utter honesty:

Me: “I’m at the party. Everyone around me is eating wings. They smell so good. I really want some. What are you doing?”

Partner: “I’m sitting at home, drinking my tea. I just finished eating dinner. I know you think you want to eat those wings, but you don’t really want them, do you?”

Me: “I do. I really want them. I love blue cheese. I really want them.”

Partner: “I understand how you feel, I’d feel the same way if I were in your position. Remember that your goal for the Superbowl party was to have one small plate of appetizers, with nothing fried. I know this is what you want. You can do this!”

Me: “Yes, I remember. I’m going to get up and go to powder my nose instead of eating wings. Take a few deep breaths and remember my goals. Thanks so much for listening, partner!”

To the goal!

If we find our good intentions sacked, don’t blow the whistle just yet. One slip up does not mean definite failure. Once we take our head out of the game, it is hard to get back in it. When we catch ourselves making less than desirable decisions, let’s take a breath, grab a baby carrot, and move on; reaching our goals does not happen overnight, and neither does falling off the wagon. Make it a win this Super Bowl: follow these tips and remember to keep focused on why we’re really in the game.


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