This post covers my 2014 review, and the next post will be my 2015 Goals.

2014 Year in Review
This year was an awesome year for me. Last Spring an event made me realize I was not living my life on-purpose, determining in advance the outcomes I want to experience. I was a spectator of my life, watching events unfold a day at a time. This year I decided to steer my trajectory, and make a ‘Life Plan Manifesto.’

My manifesto considers all of the areas in my life that are important to me. This plan is based on a framework of my personal values and roles, my hopes and dreams. Straying from my plan on a whim becomes a risk that’s quantifiable. So having my plan in place provides a means to calculate risk and manage impulsiveness. For me this is imperative, as the risks and impulses to waste my time are many.

I chose these Values because they define my personal culture & behavioral compass. I define what each Value means to me as related to:

My Ultimate Vision- what I wish to be like in some years’ time

My Ultimate Purpose- how I view and conduct myself today

My Roles & Identities- how I see myself in terms related to my values

Want to take a peek at my manifesto? Click here

To your Dwellness!



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